Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Thought I was Dyin'

Haven't blogged in a few days
I was sick
Not just itchy scratchy eyes and cough sick
But bent over the donicker hurlin your guts thinking death would be better
Georgia and Natalie, as well as several others had this cold
I must have made a better home for it
Cause I barely remember yesterday or alot of the day before that
I do remember moving kinda slow in the act yesterday
And at the end, Sumsara, instead of holding her sit up after the hind leg walk, decided to take a cheap shot at me
She does that once in awhile, but in my deranged, sick mind, yesterday I convinced myself she was going to touch me.....

Was off by like a mile
But I was sweating just the same

Somethings you folks missed...
Doug Terranova and his clan came to visit in Crandall the other night
After the show we all went to eat at Napolis' excellent Italian joint
Was cool to be in Crandall again
I spent some winters at the Terranova ranch back when I had Moxie
The little grocery store that I would pick up produce for the elephants from
Is now out of business
Our business was fantastic how ever
It has been really solid the last week or so

Also had a visit from former elephant and cat man Gary Hill
Who wised up and got a town business going as a farrier
Was really neat to show Gary how far Tora has come in just a year
He was on the lot and helping the first time I put her in the arena
And it would have been hard to guess she would ever amount to much as a performer
She is solid as a rock now
A true success

We are in Frisco for the next few days
Business is solid here as usual
We will undoubtedly get alot of circus visitors
I will undoubtedly head over to the Irish pub next to the lot with our clown alley
Hopefully I will be fully recovered by tomorrow night

So till next time...

"I took a look into the heart of the matter,
I had way to much on my plate,
I caught the first flight to New York City,
I had to change the locks on my gate"
M. McClure

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