Sunday, March 15, 2009

Courbette Ala Jai

I caught these videos today in practice
First is Kali jumping a section of ringcurb on her hind legs
The Second in Jai jumping over Kali laying down
This has been a lot of work in the making
Everyday jumping them over little sections of PVC
Then bigger PVC
Then bigger
You get the idea
So they could build the strength it would take to jump another tiger
We are almost there
I would really like to eventually jump them together over the other two tigers
We shall see how it turns out...


Anonymous said...

I see your still using the 32 footer. How many sections to it? Dion

Mindy said...

The tigers look great!!!! When Natalie has the baby how long will you be taking off from the show? With no tigers or dogs, the show is going to be lame!! Well the clowns will still liven things up :)

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

There are 17 sections in this cage. Without the props inside, it feels rather spacious.

Natalie will be leaving the show when we are in Huggo on the 28th. I will stay on the show till about the 10th of April or so and stay home till we have the baby (April 14th is the tentative)

GaryHill said...

Casey, Thanks for the warm welcome yesterday! Act looks great! Let me know when you're back in E. Texas.

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