Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lock Somthin Or Another...

The Irish pub down the street from the lot was
Lockhananns' or something
I'll tell you what it was
Good beer, good food, and... well the band sucked but what the heck
The potato nachos were fantastico
And the Irish Car Bomb I had to drink was pretty tasty as well
We managed to leave Georgia at her friend Maya's (Thanks a million Josie)
So Natalie, the clowns, and I made our way through Frisco Square
We did get distracted on our way by the huge fireworks display at the soccer game across the street
I guess from years of working African elephants...
Armando and crew did an excellent job keeping the peace in the elephant yard while an unusually long display of flashes and bangs went off
We had a couple beers and some food, then decided we couldn't hear ourselves think
So we headed back to the lot after paying our tab, partially with the sweet gift certificate Ryan's family was so kind to leave him
Thank Ryan's family!!
For contributing to the delinquency of the clown alley

Our half-trained eskimo dog Bo escaped the pen today
He is a good dog, just not herd bound and bolts when he is loose
So I had a wonderful 20 mins chasing him around the lot during the second show
No harm done, he is back in captivity

Three big shows yesterday
All about 3/4 full I guess

Here are a couple photos from courbette practice the other day
First is Kali jumping from a walk in the middle of the arena

Then here is Jai with some serious "hops" about to land on me

She did not
Man she can fly though


Dominick said...

Very nice. I have been following the progress of this act for a while, and I have not seen a trainer do real trainer tricks in a long time. Compliments man, and best wishes.

Nick Giannino

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Are you the same Nick that works for Campolongo in NJ?

Dominick said...

Yeah this is Nick that works with John. Been working with Lances cats for 3 years, and the rosaires for a few before. Working cats is one of the greatest pleasures I have experienced, and I always feel that I should send over a compliment when its deserved. Things look great, cheers.


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