Sunday, March 15, 2009

Looks Like It's Gonna Let Up...

The rain is slowing down
Might even be clear and sunny tomorrow
I knew it would stop eventually
I even managed to get off the last lot without a pull
Unfortunately....I am already stuck on the lot in Jefferson
Former home base for Bucky Steele and his performing elephants
Already have a bunch of visitors from Huggo today
And it is my amigo Capt. Lucky Eddy's birthday today
There is sure to be some festivities tonight for that
Capt. Lucky is the show drummer and has been friends with JRN II since they were in college together many many moons ago
Had a little Bar-B-Q last night
Hadn't really had the time or energy for cocktail hour the last few nights
So I chased down a bottle of SOCO and invited some friends over
Ryan and his new girlie friend came by
As well as Josie and Marcellino
The highlight of the night came when Steve got back from the diner he and some friends ate at with a big ol' box of fried foods
All kinds of stuff... Some good....Some not so good...
So in appreciation I poured him about a triple shot of SOCO
Thinking Mr. "One Beer A Night" would pass
But to all our surprise he chugged it all down in three gulps
Then made a sound like a tire makes when all the air leaks out real fast...

He survived
But an hour later he cracked me up by texting back to the Bar-B-Q
"I just puked in my friends van"
I knew he was kidding,,,,but it could have happened
Good Times...Good Times...

Will have some very cool video footage soon
I managed, after many months of muscle building
To jump Kali and Jai over Sumsara lying down......
And then continue walking with them never coming down
I have a great vision of how this trick is going to work in the future

"Couple things I've come to know,
Good times come and good times go,
Liqueur's like a torpedo,
It tangles as it tears"
M. McClure

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