Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Looking Good...

Well the first day crowds here in Mission are not a good sign
Sparse to say the least
We are here through Sunday
Hope it builds........ALOT
Cats are finally working at the correct level again
What ever the problem was looks like it is fixed now
I guess I can go back to the new wardrobe now
I had gone back to the old wardrobe about 5 days ago
Not because I thought it had anything to do with how the cats worked
But rather the pants for new costume are a little to tight
If the Shiz' did hit the fan, I have better mobility in the old

Pretty anxious to get the new arena
Will pick it up on the 7th of March
Was built for the Beatty show some years back
Never used then sold to Wilbur Jacobs
Who also never used it
I plan to put it to good use
40' so it will fill the whole ring
It's gonna be quite spacious
After three years in 32'

Had a great Bar-B last night
Barbara Hoffman and Fred Lulling came by
As well as the usual suspects Clown Alley, Cap. Lucky, and Josie Loyal
We ended up sitting out shooting the breeze till about 2:00 AM
Except that one clown...
He drank A (as in 1) beer then ran for cover
Light weight payasos
Remember back in the day when all the good clowns were either gay or drunks
Apparently these two are neither
But they are somehow quite funny

"I went stumblin through the fog tryin to find a reason for the things I told her,
She woke up sunny side down, and I's still thinkin I's to proud to flip her over,
Between the champagne hand jobs and the kissin ass by everyone involved,
Cocaine rich comes quick that's why the small dicks have it all"
Drive By Truckers


Anonymous said...

Hello Casey,
I was wondering if you could let us know the town you will be in on the 7th? Needville on the 6th in fort bend county and have Navasota on the 8th, but can't find March 7.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Sealy, TX.

Anonymous said...


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