Thursday, February 26, 2009

On A Mission...

We are finally gone from Roma
That lot sucked
Still shaking dust out of things
Kind of a depressing little town too
Have no fear people Obama is gonna save us
Or at least most seem to believe he is...

I am in no way rooting against the man
I am however very concerned at how the masses agree with him
Very scarey really when the president's every decision is not being questioned
If this keeps up
I feel Socialism is inevitable...

Enough with that
I am but an animal trainer
What could I know about politics and world financing

The lot here in actually in Palmview
San Bento Drive & Expressway 83
Nice to see a little grass after three days in dust and weeds
Sposed to be 87 degrees and 30 mph winds today
Can't wait
Like sitting in the dryer on high

"I guess I'll never grow sideburns,
It's a shame with all I got to go between"
Drive By Truckers

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Anonymous said...

Oh but we will have insurance and jobs. How bad could that be?

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