Saturday, February 28, 2009

And The Rain Came...

First show yesterday was the weakest crowd yet this season
Less then a quarter house
I think we saw the evidence that folks around here are living hand to mouth
And that they get paid Friday after work because
The second show was pretty much full
And today looks pretty promising
They must have got off at 5:00 with check in hand and not been able to make the bank and back to the 6:00 show
They came to the 8:30 though

I had a horrible situation rite before the cat act
The zipper blew out in my riding boots
John Moss had to pause the opening

Ahhh but luckily Mr. Moss has a similar sized hoof as I do
He sent Johnny Jr. off to grab his extra pair of riding boots
And they fit me pretty good, little big actually
John Moss came through and saved the day
Many thanks
I should take note that the ringmaster has a backup pair of boots
Maybe the tiger guy should too

Had very few in attendance at A O's Grill and Dispensary
Most folks went out to some club do you choose a loud club with a bunch of single women over my Circus cookshack????
They must be out of their minds
Some of them might have even got coodies from girls
Serves them rite......HAHA

This morning it looked like rain when I got up
And it came....along with some pretty serious gusts
Just about lost the tiger stable tent....still could
Some how the bareback horses busted loose so we had a rodeo round up too
Still gusts every few minutes
I guess from growing up on a circus and fighting so many tents in the wind
I tend to be quite irritable when it is windy
I don't mind rain, heat, snow, crumby lots
Mortal enemy to the tented circus

"Sometimes I feel like an Amarillo wind mill
Standin in a great wide open plain,
Every thoughts a gust a wind
Spins the blades in my mind again
But if it blows to much it might break or bend"
M. McClure


Dick Dykes said...

I'm the same way about the wind!
Even though I'm here in Dover, DE
with a "sucker job" the wind still scares me!
Say Hello to Natalie and Good Luck to both of You!
Dick Dykes

Steve said...

I haven't had a tent up in ten years but I still get knots in my guts in a blow.

And I'll phone my son from a thousand kilometres away if I see on the TV that there's storms in whatever area he's got a tent up in!

D'ya reckon we'll ever grow out of it??? LOL

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