Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Think I Hit 50%...

Well this will probably be of zero interest to anyone but me
But I am going to log how the cats have done show by show
Mostly so I can go back and look at it later

Brownsville: grass lot
12th, 2 shows excellent
13th, 2 shows excellent
14th, 4 shows first three excellent last one good
15th, 3 shows excellent
Los Fresnos: grass lot
16th, 2 shows good
17th, 2 shows good
McAllen: grass & dirt lot many thorns
18th, 1 show ok
19th, 2 shows neither good lost leap frog and three hind leg
20th, 2 shows not good still missing tricks
21st, 3 shows not good got leap frog back, still missing hind leg on Jai
22nd, 3 shows not good no hind leg for Jai
Roma: grass & dirt lot
23rd, 2 shows ok
24th, 2 shows ok
25th, 2 shows got all tricks but just ok
Mission: grass lot
26th, 2 shows good
27th, 2 shows excellent

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