Saturday, November 22, 2008

Paris.....Texas that is....

Well we made it home
Life is good here at the Ranch
Had a Collie mix dog living in the yard when we got home
He is scrawny and wormy with a gimpy leg but I think Dr. Kraft can fix him up
I named him Sparky
He likes to follow me into the perimeter fence of the tiger yard
Even nips at the cats faces through the 4 by 4 wire fence
Not to bright...
But I give it to him in the ballsy bracket

Yard and pasture looked like jungle growth when we arrived
Finally have that cut down again
Took three days of mowing to get there
Oddly we had no signs of mice in the house this year for a change
I am concerned about that...
Or at least concerned about what may have been eating the mice before they could get in the house

Natalie got sonogram and we are having a girl
She is at 19 weeks and all is well so far
We are debating on names rite now
If it were a boy it was to be Gabriel
Kinda hoping to stay with names that start with G

Speaking of G
Georgia starts public school on Dec. 1st
I am stoked about that
More interaction with children is just what she needs

Will be out picking in the bars soon enough
Till I see ya'll there
Have a jolly ol'

"Novelty ordinarily emerges only for the man who, knowing with precision what he should expect, is able to recognize that something has gone wrong"
Thomas S. Kuhn


dpowhitetiger said...

Casey: thanks for all the updates..Keep us posted and continue to work with four four tigers and dogs... Natalie and the April - 2009 Coming Attraction to the Cainan Family glad to share my April 12th Birthday date...Stay warm and see you down the road....
Must get back to my Chicago Alderman E-Mailing..We sure could use some help on this project....Just Say NO to the Elephant Ordinance in Chicago...


DanTheBooker said...


Congradulations on the coming baby girl. May she not look anything like you. LoL.


Dick Flint said...

Natalie & Casey,
Good to be kept up to date and congratulations with a little girl on the way. Have a great Thanksgiving--stuff the turkey, then stuff yourselves!
Dick Flint

Anonymous said...

We like the name Grace.

Happy Thanksgiving from Istanbul, and good luck to Miss Georgia on the 1st.

Ariel & Pete

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