Sunday, November 09, 2008

Almost Home

Today and tomorrow in Abilene TX
And then I am home for the winter
I think I can make it, no shows today
So that leaves just two to go

It has been a great year
We opened early Feb with the Jordan show
Then opened Mar 6th here with K&M
Had good business all year (less then 25 blanks total)
Had a record low on break downs and equipment failure
Had no serious injuries (only got tagged twice all year)
Zero altercations with management

The best part of this year has been the progress or the tiger act
I am very proud of my "girls" and how far they have come over the season

Plans for the winter??
Well I have some equipment to round up
Some animals to pick up
Then it's dog training for alot of it
I plan to train a new trash can dog and maybe a back flip dog
My dog Sue who I got specifically to be a trash can dog
Isn't working out
She is maybe the best dog I have ever had
But wants no part of picking up a hat and jumping in and out of a trash can
This far into my training career, I can let it go
Some animals don't do some things good
Could I have forced the issue? yes
But that is what inexperience does
Then you have an animal that resents you, and what she does everyday
Not me friends I have been that route, and I don't like a daily fight
No I believe I will find a dog that is better suited for the job
Sue has become the guard dog, she lays under the trailer watching the tigers
And she herds the kids around on the show when the wonder off playing

Prolly the last post till home
See ya down the road somewhere

Scarface in the corner is looking for a fight
Sure looks good in Galveston tonight
I'm rite in the middle of the riff raff
And the roughnecks are wasting time
The girl with the yellow hair says she'll be mine
A. Carroll

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Anonymous said...

At Red's house now in Tucson. Just got his internet hooked up.-BJ

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