Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In response to Mr. Flints question about having Kali and Jai hopping in tandem. I am a ways into that trick now, and plan to add something even more spectacular next season. My goal is to start with Kali and Jai sitting up at the front of the arena, start Tora and Sumsara walking backwards side by side around from the back of the arena then when they are towards the front, split them, one on each side of the two at the front and call Jai and Kali to hop through them. This will give a brief second were all four cats are up on two legs. I am not making any promises, but I think I may have it by June of next season. These things you can't push...

This is the fourth cat Tora, she is coming along pretty good. She needs to build alot of strength still before she can walk with the other three. We are just taking it nice and easy, I hope to do more things rite with her and maybe have her standing higher then the first four I trained.


Steve said...

That would look terrific Casey. Good luck with it.

Mireille. said...

Hello Casey;

You are doing very very good. Fantastic....congratulation.!!!
And congratulation with the new additions to your Family.
Casey, I have check the UPS tracking number, and it telling me that the surprise package is coming back to me....?
may be there was no one there... or I must have make a Mistake.will check it when I will get it back ,on the 10.....
so sorry for the dilate.sincerely Mireille.

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