Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old Friends...

Had a great visit with some old friends yesterday.
Mike and Viviana brought the boys out.
I have Known Viviana since we were kids on the Franzen show 25 years ago
Mike I met awhile later...
Almost 20 years ago
And we managed to get in alot of
Trouble together of the years
And stay pretty much unscathed...
Also Brandi, who used to run Dillons when I first moved to Paris, who also booked my first music gig, brought her two little boys out as well.
Not alot to do at 11 pm on a Friday in Shepherd Tx
But Mike and I found a case of Shiner in my fridge
And after the show we found a good pizza joint
A great time was had by all
The pizza joint even had a high striker, which I dominated the whole evening

Location:N 7th St,Silsbee,United States

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