Thursday, September 16, 2010

Morning Call

Every morning we go through the same routine - leave the previous town for the next at call, arrive and unload all the animals and equipment, begin the daily care for the animals, repair or maintain any equipment needs and hopefully squeeze a nap in there somewhere before lunch is served at cookhouse. First photo courtesy of Jimmy Cole, second photo courtesy of Valerie Torales.


Crystal said...

Sounds like a pretty easy morning. If only the rest of the world really knew how hard y'all work seven days a week the entire season and then quarters. I think I would trade the books in for the labor and animals, but maybe not your paycheck Radar. Hope you are having fun!

And I aced my parasit and pharmacology tests! :)

Radar said...

Thanks Crystal. The end result will be the same for both of us - getting paid to do what we want to do. The difference is I'm getting paid to go to college (as little as it may be) :)
Congrats on the testing!

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