Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Circus of the Stars

Returning to June during our new Big Apple date at Charlestown, Casey took the Australian girls, Georgia and I to see the Cole Brothers Circus, also playing in Rhode Island at the time. We enjoyed a nice show and visit. Many thanks to Mario Vitali for the tickets to the show and to Lance Ramos for the front row seats to the animal acts.

Many performers and crew from the Kelly Miller Circus visited the Cole Circus, and unfortunately witnessed a terrible accident at the finale of the show. Jose "Super Kellan" Bermudez after being shot from the Human Cannon, Kellan fell out of his safety net after landing due to an unattending prop department. He is reported to have recovered and is back with the show. I later found out he was the clown that painted Georgia's face during intermission.

Following the show, we joined Lance and some of the other crew for a great barbeque. Lance was a great host and Jason was courteous to let me see the cats for a bit before eating. The following day, Lance visited our lot with Jimmy Cole to watch tiger practice and the show.

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