Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Battle Cry of the Carnies

A circus fan told of the circus history held in the township of Holly. In 1880, while partaking in an after-show cocktail hour, the entire circus crew entered a brawl with the local townfolk. The end result found every person either dead, taken to the hospital or taken to jail. Two towners were killed; the street was thereafter named Battle Alley. Eighteen years later a staunch Prohibition supporter, sixty year old Carrie Nation went through the Alley and bar scene wielding a hatchet and spreading wrath amongst the infidels. We saw a picture of Ms. Nation at the Holly Hotel (supposedly haunted) where Casey, Steve, Nikki and I enjoyed some beverages and appetizers ourselves. We surmised her husband was drove to drinking because she was a bit crazy and looked like a goat. Cheers to Ms. Nation for a quest she believed in, however.

After our battle scars were earned, we found a Karaoke bar down the street where Steve belted out an excellent version of "New York New York" and then, at my request, "Bohemian Rhapsody" (enter Eddie Murphy joke here, censored to maintain some semblance of proper etiquette on the blog). After much insistence by everyone, I sang my first Karaoke song - "Lyin' Eyes" by the Eagles. The video has mysteriously been lost. Many apologies.

Before I forget once again, many thanks to Rick Czarnowksi and Carol Thompson for great food and gifts, including a game entrenched in American tradition. No, I do not mean Monopoly or Battle Ship, but the loved-by-everyone novelty "Cabeza de caca" (use a translator if need be; Casey told me refrain from using the proper title).

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