Monday, June 14, 2010

Lines and Circles...

I have been messing with using lines and circles
A way of handling and conditioning elephants
On the tigers now...

The lines and circles is something Army Maguire started
I think...
I have only put some of it on the girls
But I plan to do much more
It should help have even greater control
The first video is Jai walking a forward and backward line
Then standing still while I walk a circle around her
Then her turning in a circle

In time she will turn the circle either direction
With me standing still
I will alibi out that this is day 4 or 5 on this
She then lays down and it was the end of the video
But I follow that like this

I first walk all the way around them
Not allowing them to "pop up"
Which was harder then I expected with these guys
Then sit them up like an elephant

This stuff is not at all exciting
But I have been having alot of fun working on it
And I can see lots of things this is carrying over to
Should be a big help
There are a few more lines and circles for me to use
Including a side pass and turning them on a front and back leg pivot

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Michael Newton-Brown said...

Thanks for showing this. I have no idea what goes into training these cats of yours.This is so interesting.
Never heard of lines and circles.

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