Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Big Apple...

Showed Emerson NJ. the other day
Good crowds on a tight lot next to an Armenian Rest Home
After the show Natalie, Nikki, Carla, and I went into NYC
We caught a NJ Transit bus into Penn Station
Then we walked around Times Square

Then we hopped on a subway
And tried to see the Statue of Liberty

Then we walked a few blocks through lower Manhattan
And caught a cab back to Emerson
Not before molesting a brass bull...

We were upset the next day to find out the Tonys were going
On right out there in Times Square while we were walking around
But we didn't walk far enough down to see it
I thought it was just a bunch of people celebrating the World Cup
All and all it was a great trip...


Crystal said...

LOL..nice photo of the HumaneWatch billboard.

Looks like yall had fun!!!

Michael N-B said...

I can sit on those red riser steps at the TKTS Booth in Times Square, and watch the people, and lights for hours. Merril Lynch might not approve of your handling of their bull. Next time, take the Ferry over and back. You'll pass the Statue and LIberty Island. Great cheap trip.

Anonymous said...

WOW...Thats a great shot of Casey standing next to his very own statue...(the ass end and the balls)...Its a great likeness of you Case...ha ha ha ha ha...I love ya anyways


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