Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maryland in Review

Your scribe and photographer...
Forgot to post this with the creek pictures of Raja. It is the first picture I have with the little guy. A bit disappointing since he joined the Kelly Miller Circus living with me in my room and I have seen him grow and learn much in these past three months! A great animal for sure.

Last year in Hancock, the KMC enjoyed a travel day. A beautiful and large creek beside the lot quickly refreshed show performers and workers of the human and animal kind. I was able to wade in the water with the elephants and get some amazing pictures. This year I missed the festivities while setting up the tigers for practice, but it appears Tracy was no stranger to the mud and had no complaints regarding the tree in the elephant compound.

Tora, perhaps because she is the least dominant cat, is very vocal during feeding and will spend more time warning others to stay away than actually eating.

Following the bountiful meal, a cleaning is always in order to do away with the "chicken glob slop" as we like to call it. Our friend Carol Lang visited today and brought Casey, the clowns and I water guns. Among the ideas of use included filling them with tiger urine or chicken glob slop.

Genevieve has grown a lot since I started working for Casey and Natalie over a year ago. As Natalie always says, "She loves her Dar!"


Crystal said...

woohoo! cute baby G pic!

hope yall are having a blast!

Radar said...

Can always count on you for comments, Crystal :)
Thank you!

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