Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Week In PA & MD...

A big thank you to Don Curtis for the awesome spread he brought
He supplied some fantastic Steak Ka-Bobs for A.O.'s Grill other night
And some great shrimp cocktail
Mucho thank yous to Don

Next we had another visit from my Sis-inlaw Lauren
Her and Hashi came to pick up my nephew Tristan
We were lucky enough to have him with us for a few weeks

The herd...

Then we took Raja swimming again
He is sure fond of water
And a strong swimmer

Then Georgia got to swing Gen on a swing at the park

Man they grow up fast!
I remember pushing Georgia in a swing like that
And it seems like it was last year...

Then in Hancock MD we had a great spread from
My buddy David Orr and the Barry Lubin C.F.A. tent
They brought out cake and ice cream
They also helped us celebrate Memorial Day
They had tons of American flags all over the cookhouse and the lot
The liberal left that feels we should down play our patriotism
Would have been stressed out...hahaha
(Wish I had a pic to post of the party they through)
hint hint...
email photo to

After the show in Hancock we rented the swimming pool for a couple hours
Genevieve got her first shot at swimming

Was a great week here on the Kelly Miller Circus
Have some new video I will put up tomorrow or the next day
Working on some nifty new stuff with los tigres...


Tejano said...

Is that Los Tigres Del Norte?? :)

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

They are this week. But they aren't much on banda or ranchero, these tigres are all about rock and jazz,,,haha

Jim Royal said...

As a left wing, commie, pinko, Marxist, Leininist, Socialist I take umbrage about your remark about patriotism. I spent 4 years in the Navy including a big chunk of time in the war zone in Viet Nam fighting for this country we love. Where was Dick Cheney? LOL

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

He was drilling for oil of course haha. Maybe you are not part of the liberal left that wants to down play patriotism? But alot of it does. And on this memorial day, we all give you, and all the other brave veterans, many thanks!!

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