Saturday, February 13, 2010

So It Begins...

The 2010 Edition Of The Kelly Miller Circus that is
So far so good
Starting with an eleven day spot in Brownsville TX.
And...of course... RAIN AND MUD!!!
The show seems really strong this year
Run down is as follows

Tigers (Me)
Tiger chase (Steve and Ryan)
Trapeze (Becky Ostrof till Friday then the Ogle sisters from Australia)
Camels (Mike Rice and belly dancing girls)
Juggling (Raul Olivares)
Nut pitch
"Fifties Production
Hula Hoop girls
Rola Bola (Fridman Torales as "Elvis")
Slide table Diner Gag (Steve and Ryan)
Dogs (Natalie Cainan)
Web girls"


Walk arounds (Steve and Ryan)
Risley (Poema Family)
Dog and Pony (Carolyn Rice)
Exterminator Gag (Steve and Ryan)
Elephants (Armando Loyal)
Elephant dog (Raul Olivares)
Fire Blowing (Brian LaPalme)

Lots of animal acts
In a day and age when you are lucky to see two or three
I think the fifties production with all the acts working
To classic fifties songs in wardrobe of the era
Fridman does an exceptional Elvis
And the Diner gag really fits the theme of it

I did note while watching Finale rehearsal
We have a lot of performers this year as well
We can actually fill the ring for a finale or spec
Been a while since I have seen that on a one ring show

Cats have been doing good
The six pack over the weekend will tell the tale
I must be honest and say I didn't practice once before opening day
I felt they deserved the WHOLE winter off
And they got it...
Other then being a little out of shape
I didn't notice much difference
Shonti was my only concern
Not doing the contact stuff all winter made me nervous
I wasn't even sure I would try it
But luckily SHonti decided we were gonna do it first try
She just grabbed me and hopped rite up for the
Backward Shoulder Stand
Man is she heavier!!!

Georgia debuted in the show opening day as well
She is playing the Queen Bee in the Exterminator Gag
She is adorable chasing the clowns around at the end

Will be snapping some pics of the show in the next few days
Till then...


Ellyn Rose Acord said...

The return of Kelly Miller is the only thing I truly miss about living in Michigan. I'd love to see the show this year.

Much luck, this season: although none of you need it. Your skill and passion will get you through, as well as high boots, large tractors and big crowds.

All the best to the best!

Crystal said...

Sounds like it's going to be great...and tell Georgia she looks FABULOUS!!!!

Can't wait until the show comes near A&M!

Steve said...

Who are the Ogles from Australia????

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Looking forward to following the blog as the season progresses. Show sounds great.


Hey i wish you all the best on the 2010 season. I am looking forward to seeing the show as always!

That little bumble bee sure is cute., nice to see kids get an early start in the circus.
The cats look GREAT!

See you down the road and around the corner! Hope the arrows lead to Michigan this year!

"Calliope" Rod Pringle

Tejano said...

Casey..did you bring your guitar? Off course you did! Play some gigs around here!

Look forward to seeing you at Mercedes/La Feria or Palmview. Finally get see in person the show in person. Are cameras allowed in the show? Will the flash bother the tigers?


Steve said...

Jeez I hate being old. My son has just reminded me that the girls that I know as Nikita and Karla are the Ogle sisters!

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