Friday, February 05, 2010

New Edition 2010...

This is Raja
My brand new, three month old, ferocious fur ball
He is a boy
He is about 30lbs
And he seems to have a great temperament
Walked him all over today and he isn't scared of
anything as far as I can tell
Except being alone
I had forgotten how loud a baby tiger can be when they
Are trying to get you to come to them

He should be appearing with the others sometime between now
And October...


Steve said...

Now you've added an extra ingredient to the mix!

Congratulations - the act is certainly going places.

Does the beard go on tour too??

All the best,


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

The beard stays in WQ's....LOL

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Hello Raja! How cool. Looking forward to following his growth and training. The cat, not the beard.

Jack Ryan said...

He is a handsome little devil, Casey. Know that you and Radar will have great fun conducting his feline higher education.

Congratulations on the new member of the family!


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