Sunday, December 06, 2009

Holiday Fun...

Quick update on what has been going on lately
Thanksgiving weekend was super busy
And super great
Started with Turkey day dinner at Danny and Tavana's
Lots of the Luvas family there
Adam and Elaine Burck
Dudley Hamilton and Chis Hamblen
Great food and great stories
Followed by an awesome game of Circus whatever on the Wii
(I have excepted I sucked at it now) HAHA

Friday we had a Birthday party for Rafa Giraldo
Here at the house
Lots of BarBQed ribs and food all the same people from
Turkey Day, plus the Giraldos
We had a great fire going in the pit here at the house
And Chistopher Hamblen and myself "over indulged" in the fire water
This entailed Chis barking at the fire ants in my driveway that night...

I MAY have barked a little the next morning too,,,haha
Which sucked because Chris and I got up at 6 AM and headed
To South Texas to get my new tiger trailer

The new trailer was in Mont Bellveiw TX
It is huge!
45ft worth of huge
(must throw a thank you to Mike Swain for finding it)
Chris was a huge help in getting the trailer
I had no goose neck ball in my truck so we hauled it to
His place in his truck, then he welded me a king pin into it
So I could drag it home with mine
While this was going on
Elaine gave Nat a ride into the Ford Dealer in Paris

It isn't exactly new, but close enough
2006 Dodge Laramie dually 4*4 with Cummins diesel motor
Just like our other pick up
But four wheel drive
I am very happy with the deal I got on it

Saturday night Chris and I drove over to the Renn faire
To visit with the Swains
There was an after fair party going on that was a blast
Pudding Wrestling was neat
My favorite was the jousting
They take a 15ft piece of 3" PVC
Duct tape a boxing glove to the end
Get on a bike and charge each other with it
Turned out I was pretty good at this game
(Ask the guy I knocked smooth off his bike in my first charge) HAHAHA

We then went to a few bars in Conroe and swapped lies as only
Good friends can

I got back around noon on Sunday and have been working on the
New trailer since
I will post some photos on the trailer this week once Radar and I have
It cleaned up and closer to ready

Did have a surprise visit from J.C.Hall on tues.
Was lucky he found the trailer acceptable
And didn't use "retard" or "stupid" much to describe my purchase

"I got greens and I got blues
Everyday there's a little less difference between the two,
I belly up and disappear,
Oh I ain't really drowning cause I see the beach from here"


Steve said...

Sounds like Christmas has come early for the Cainans!

Any little playmates on the way for Shonti?

All the best - you've worked for it. Where to next season?

Michael Newton-Brown said...

WOW, it looks like Christmas has come early at your house this year. Is there going to be room for anyone else in the backyard at KM this year with all your rigs??

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Can't reveal all the plans here, yet, but we will be doing another season with Kelly Miller next year.

There should be enough room on most lots. We aren't actually adding any rigs this year (2) just adding about 10ft to the length of each.

Margaret said...

..Waiting for pictures of the thanksgiving day feast..hint..hint..LOL..

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Sorry. We are having some technical problems with those pics. I didn't have the memory card in camera that day. So I have them in camera, but can't figure out how to get them out of there, and on to the comp. I am working on it though.

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