Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!.....(Warning graphic photos)

Happy Thanksgiving Yall!
Be thankful for everything
I am truly thankful for much today
Too much to list
But the top of the lists looks like this
The man upstairs and his son Jesus
My AWESOME family
My great animals
The fact I have a job (That I LOVE)
Our incredible friends (That includes the blog readership)
The health of my family and my animals
And so much more I can't even list it all here

I really can't complain
And we all should complain less then we do

As a special treat for thanksgiving the cats are feasting on
Fresh wild boars
A neighbor of ours who is an avid hunter and fan of the cats
Shot two the other day and delivered them
I spent the morning butchering and feeding it
I would like to think the cats are "Thankful" for it
But thankfulness is prolly not an emotion they could even begin to grasp
I will say I was THANKFUL to feed it to them
As they seemed to very much enjoy eating it
Here are a few pics of Thanksgiving at the McCoy Stable
They are graphic
But so is alot of life...

Heading up to The Brown's house in a bit
For a feast fit for kings no doubt!
I will get some shots of a more civilized meal while we are there...

"We're all waiting in the dugout, thinkin we should pitch,
How you gonna throw a shut out, if all you do is bitch,
I got nothing to lose, nothing to gain,
Like a one way ticket to cruise in the passing lane,
T. Snider


crystal said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cainans!!!

The kitties look quite thankful to me, but maybe I am being anthropomorphic. Oh well! =)

cwdancinfool said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Cainan family!

Adaline said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

B.E.Trumble said...

They're so very cuddly when they're gnawing on a pig face. Makes me all warm inside.

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