Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So I am gonna have to let my scribe go
He is far to busy in winter quarters to post an occasional blog
He is busy
Eight hours a day at KM winter quarters
The an hour or so here at the McCoy Stable
And the girls!!!!!

First off I would like to thank the readership for being
Nice to Radar, I felt he did a great job with the blog...

Second I will apologize for leaving off where I did
I was just burnt out on the internet
And felt I wasn't getting enough REAL stuff done because of it
Now, I have a bit more free time
So I will pick up
Where Radar left off

We closed about three weeks ago
Made the drive home no problem
Unloaded into a jungle of high grass, weeds, and MUD!
Seems it was a very wet season for Paris too
I volunteered the cat act for the first annual
Circus City Festival
To benefit the museum in the works
We did four shows for the festival
The cats did great, other then being a little nervous
By the third act that day they settled down enough
I let Radar work the fourth show
His first ever live performance for the public
He did a good job
Very nervous and he got slightly frustrated when the cats
Made him work for it
Which they only did cause he was nervous and off his game
Overall...I think he will do fine working them in the future

The next Saturday we attended the first Circus City Showmans Association meeting
BK Silverlake has done a great job getting people and what not together
To form a local club
I will have more info on this subject after the next meeting on the 12th

Otherwise, not a whole lot going on
Grill is still running most nights
Weather has been great
Georgia, Genevieve, and Natalie are doing great
Georgia is enjoying public school
She took part in a musical at school last week
She was awesome (I will try to post alot of pics from last few weeks later)

Till then...
May all your days be...
Aw you get it
(Especially you Jack)


Jack Ryan said...

Back atcha, Mr. Cainan!

Glad to get the update and hear that all of you are well and happy in Paris.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tom Wilds said...

Thank You for your blog!

Crystal said...

Thanks for picking the blog up! Tell the fam I said HI and I will visit...eventually.

Can't wait to see y'all!

Radar said...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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