Thursday, November 05, 2009

End of the road

Paris - Texas.
Everyone packs heat in Texas. Know why?
Fireants. Lil' Bastards is their rap name.
The season has ended for the Kelly Miller Circus with a BANG! The last week of the season was filled with suprises and excitement. An elephant/tiger zookeeper took several days of vacation off work (names will be withheld to prevent repercussions from a certain supervisor of her's that does not condone "circus style" training methods). We had a great time and and we were all sad to see her leave. Any "towner" that can survive a week on a mudshow with donikers, cold showers, daily rain and mud and dealing with our rowdy bunch must not be too soft!
The annual Kelly Miller Halloween Extravaganza kicked off a promise of "large cash prizes!" This turned out to be factual and lined the pockets of Casey and I well. Our show's two clowns, Steve and Ryan, dressed us in their makeup and we constructed some costumes. Performing the legendary 'sink gag' three times, I felt no envy for the clowns while Casey pummeled me with wrenches, hammers, plungers and any other objects within reach from the toolbox. First place was the reward, followed by Armando Loyal as Zorro riding in the tent on one of his horses, and Steve and Ryan taking third in an innovate design. Dressing as the animal department, Steve posed as Armando yelling at his groom Buckner (Ryan) to clean up a pile of shit (artfully constructed out of material atop a remote control car. Although the manure escaping disposal from the true shoveler were not portable, all enjoyed the humor of the situation.
Our last bit of excitment commenced on the final day of the season. As I have been raving about, Shonti's training has been progessing well. The last two shows displayed Shonti in every trick except the hind leg walks. It was great fun and smiles all around to see her success.
Thank you all for the compliments and I apologize for the delay in posts... I dislike running the blog! Hahaha. My motivation comes from the same that prevents me from adding certain friends on Facebook... a fear of death or worse, unemployment from the circus.
Pictures of the last few weeks will be posted in the next week.


Anonymous said...

It's been a great ride.
Do post throughout the 'winter off season'. Just to let us old farts know that you and the gang are still alive and well and dreaming of another season on the road.

I tip my hat to your excellent thoughts and past posts.

Thanks again.

Jon M Walker
Kissimmee, FL.

Rose said...

Thanks for managing the blog, Rader, and for sharing your life with us. Your reflections are rare and wonderful things. Enlightening us, and entertaining us.

Through this last year, I and I'm sure many, have felt closer and closer to those of you on Kelly Miller. To the point that we all care about your welfare, and think of you as friends we somehow haven't met.

Please consider a post card or two of a blog into the future. All the best off season, and into the next.



Thanks for the great blog !!!! Keep us posted though out the winter, and I will see you all down the road . We all appreaciate you keeping us informed on this blog and the great photos too.

All The Best!

Lansing, Mi

Mireille said...

I personally thank you for all the info you gave all of us , a but your lovely animal and there wonderful progress they made in so short time, you did a great job and very well done. Chapaux......!!!
in my family there are a lot of animal trainer. from way back.... and also now...
sincerely Mireille...

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