Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Four's Company

Tonight Natalie put Beau into the act, returning four dogs to the show after the passing of Dixie.

Beau has been with the group since last year but only worked a few shows. Natalie has trained him to work several different tricks and he is now a circus star in his own right.
In the meantime, everyone is excited for the season to end soon - only seventeen more days. Everyone has different plans that will take us apart and bring us together again.

The Cainan's will be residing at their home and tiger compound in Texas. The clowns will be staying in Hugo for the winter to prepare for next year's show after they take a trip to Steve's home to pick up props and such. I of course will be staying at Casey's as well to learn more circus skills and to care for the cats.


Natalie Cainan said...

Thank you so much for putting this on the really means a lot!
Beau did just fine...he sat on his seat like a gentleman. It has been really hard adjusting without Dixie but I am sure Beau will do just fine.
These last 2 weeks will be a good experience for him. Thanks again!!

dpowhitetiger said...

All of us out here in Circusland wish the Cainan's a wonderful winter and look forward to your Eastern Visit in 2010....HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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