Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Times

It has been a great couple of days for me on the Kelly Miller Circus.

We finally returned to Missouri (my stomping grounds) and have spent the last few days around St. Louis. Although I am not homesick, it was great to see my family and a few friends that came out to see the show. In addition to bringing some great presents and food (it was like Christmas!) and some amazing food, we had a lot of fun hanging out at the circus lot for two days and a classic America's Own barbeque.

Friday night as we were leaving the show for dinner, Mr. North stopped me and complimented me on working the cats. Apparently he and Lucky Eddie had been in the audience as I practiced the tigers through the routine. Captain Johnny informed me he did not know that I was able to work the complete act and told me he was impressed with the work. I took this compliment with great pride and my family was proud as well. Several days later, they were able to watch me working the tigers for themselves. Practice went relatively well and I made it out of the cage without a scratch (as usual, but they all had their doubts!)
The season is coming to a close with less than two weeks remaining. Everyone is excited and ready to finish, though it has been a great, albeit wet, year.

My little sister and I


C said...

Great job Ry!

Unlike you I do miss Missouri! =/

Jack Ryan said...

Great that the family could visit, Radar, and even better that they got to see you work the tigers.

Enjoy your last weeks on the road!


Radar said...

Thanks Jack! Hopefully we will be seeing you around the show soon.

C, of course I miss Missouri. But this has been a great opportunity and adventure and you can't look back. Speaking of which, new blog topic! Thanks love :)

Bob Cline said...

Just goes to show you, that some dreams do come true!

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