Sunday, August 09, 2009

More Ypsy...

So I almost forgot the Wizard Lady
And Steve and I jogging...

Steve and I have started an exercise routine
Which lasted one day
We started off to strong rite off the bat
We went jogging (Trying to remove my AO beer and whiskey gut)
2.3 miles first shot
For a guy like me who doesn't even walk if it can be avoided
That was substantial
Then the next day my legs, groin, and backside were cramping every
Time I moved
We are awaiting my health to return so we can start the torture again

In the afternoon we were sitting around visiting with Rick
And a Wizardess walked through the park with her dog
We tried to get some pics
but she kept a safe distance

Purple gown, with gold stars, and a pointy gold wizard hat

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