Monday, August 10, 2009

A Dog Named Sue...

So after Ypsilanti everything got kinda bad
We had moved off the lot in Ypsy the night before
To an old parking lot up the street in case of rain
Then in the morning we had an 8 mile jump to Saline
Since it was raining and mucky out
I planned to let my dog Suey ride in the trailer
Normally she rides shotgun with me, and has for about 5 years now
In the loading up of kids and coffee and assorted stuff
She jumped out without Nat or I knowing
And we drove off
Half way through the 8 miles Ryan calls and asks if I have her
I check
We don't
We turn back
She is missing and everyone is looking for her
We drove all around for a couple hours looking and calling
But didn't find her
Sad day...
Because it was a two day spot
I got up early and went back and looked yesterday
No dice again
Luckily we have some friends in that area who can keep an
Eye around for her
Like our friend Carol who brought another mother load of goodies
Stuffed Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, and a whole set of A.O.'s

I think we should enter a league tournament now or something
We look so official
Radar has hit a milestone in his wild animal career
He is on his way to being a wild animal trainer
Rite now as I type he is practicing hitting cans with a whip
I remember being about 13 and Wayne having me set 10 cans
Around the ring curb
He told me "maybe" when I could hit anyone of them
From the center of the ring
I could try to train something
It took awhile, but I eventually got it
And with my right hand, even though I favor my left
Because that was how I saw him do it



Anonymous said...

sad day...our thoughts are with you guys and suey

ariel & pete

Crystal said...

Good luck finding Sue. She'll get found and returned or find another fun, loving family, maybe not as exciting.

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