Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leap Frog, Without The Frogs...

I think this is kind of a neat twist
For the trick
Worked on it a little today
Went great in the show this evening

Still waiting anonymous...
Take your time
Get some facts
Not that he said she said BS
Look it all up
Then get back to me


Michael Newton-Brown said...

Damn, this act keeps getting more interesting. I sure wish I could see it. Mr. North better watch out, or someone will lure you away.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thanks Michael!

GaryHill said...

I agree Casey, you are doing great adding new stuff and the cats seem to adapt well to it all.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thanks Gary,
Thye have come along way already, with an even longer way to go. They are all great, even Tora, who probably seemed about half goofy that first time you visited,,LOL

Anonymous said...

dont worry casey i will keep it anonymous so the problem between u and me dont escalate any further. but i got my point across because ur not talking shit about anybody lately. but knowing you it wont take long from the self proclaimed titan of the tigers. why dont u try working more than 4 or five cats if ur so great.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Escalate?? You haven't even started to get to me yet. I am not ashamed of anything I have done. Apparently you are and hence the anonymous. As far as talking shit about anyone, I didn't realize I had, that wasn't my intention at all, I was explaining the system. See when you screw up, a price is paid, screw up again, the price is higher and so on, YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. As far as working more then four or five tigers, ok, you got me, I could probably never do it, HAHA. Now show me any act with any number of cats, with as many tricks, working today. Still waiting to hear about this "dirty past" or were you talking out your ass again?

That's what I thought.

Rose said...

I'm just an observer, regular reader, fan.

I've always thought, though, that those who visit a blog do so to learn, or are here in admiration of who and what is said. They generally come back for the love they have in what is done/said and how it is done/said.

So it seems to me, that anonymous must think he's got something to learn from you, or has some admiration of what you do.

...and maybe the negative comes from what he does not have in comparison to you.

Feel good about you, and your work, Casey. It's so good that others are looking in and wishing they had what you do.

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