Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holland...Michigan That Is...

Two day spot here
Entertainment Central
Money Spending Metropolis
The circus school kids went to see the movie Shorts
Yesterday as a field trip
Georgia said it was good
Nat and I walked around the mostly closed down outlet mall
Seen alot of that this year
Closed up malls and things
Must be a sign of the times
After the shows instead of the usual AO's Bar B Q
We had Dominioes pizza
Little change of pace
Had kind of a rough day here yesterday
Courtney fell practicing rings
I have heard her ankle is broke
But she is ok
Then in the flying act Eric fell and hit his
Knee into his nose and busted it up
And Ryan "The Other CLown" spent the day puking

After pizza
I wandered over to PokerZone
MI has legal card rooms
Sat down to play some 2-5 No-Limit Holdem
In 45mins I got two decent hands
8-9 suited flopped a flush draw and open straight draw
Caught the nut straight on the turn
Good size pot
Then pocket nines catching the third on the flop
Was a good pot also
One hour I left $128 bucks richer

Gonna throw these two pictures from the other day in
Cause they cracked me up
I came in to change after the cats and found Nathan Moss
And Georgia(Capote) Cainan on the computer
She is truly a fashionista


Jack Ryan said...

Georgia will be writing the KM program books within the next year or two. If she needs some adjective, I have plenty left over. Just yell.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thanks Jack!
If she decides to get into the business of written word, I may try to bribe you out of retirement and teach one more student. I am still hoping she goes into law or medicine. I feel my support will go better then,,,LOL

Jack Ryan said...

Absolutely! A doctor or lawyer will provide much better old age comforts for you and Nat than a writer EVER will -- unless she strikes it rich like Stephen King etc.

Steve said...

Re video - neat. Are you sure you want props? LOL

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