Monday, July 27, 2009

Ye Olde Amish...

Had a good two days in Littlefield OH.
Fourth largest Amish community in the world
Said so on a sign I saw
Was very weird to see, but the Amish
In this area are heavy smokers
Even the youngins
Saw a group of 13 or 14 year old boys sneek out
Of the tent to take a few puffs
Had an 11:00 AM show on Saturday
That wasn't so fun
Had to start practice at 8:30 to get it all in
But we did it
Consistency is the key
The we had a night....or afternoon jump to Conneaut, OH
Great lot rite on the edge of lake Erie
The first night after grilling out, Radar, Steve, Ryan, and I
Loaded up and went to see the new Harry Potter movie
Hated it!
It is great if you don't want a beginning, middle, and ending
Then last night after the cat act I took
Georgia, and her friend Nathan to see G-force
A movie about talking hamsters or Guinea Pigs
Not bad, at least the end was the end
This morning we had a short jump over to Rock Creek, OH
Getting closer to Kelly's Island
Which is a great and fun spot for the show
Hope it don't rain

Here are a couple pics I took of Baby G yesterday
She is growing like a weed
And getting teething pain now and then
(that makes them pleasant,,LOL)
Pretty soon she will be wanting a car!

A couple newspaper articles about the show

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C said...

OH...wait until Georgia and Baby G start will be HILARIOUS!

Hope Kelly's Island is fun. I will be getting nerves before school starts...lucky me!

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