Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Riding A Bike Is Fun...

Yesterday we had great crowds for the shows
In Rock Creek
Which was surprising cause it didn't seem like much of a town
The lot was a mix of gravel in mud
Not much fun to work on
Got a huge reaction to the music Billie Jean
For the moonwalking tiger yesterday
Over all I think they enjoyed the show
Then an easy and short 30 mile hop to Chesterfield OH

This is the same lot that Ben Trumble and I
Borrowed bikes and rode to the bar after the show from
It was gonna be just a quick little ride up the street
Which turned into a dangerous struggle up hills
On the darkest stretch of road I have ever seen
To the lousiest Gin and Tonic I have ever tasted
At an up scale wine and Martini bar
We made it back alive but I was sore for a week after
All the pedaling
No bike rides for me this year
I like to stay within...oh say....100ft of the trailer
Especially when I have been drinking

Sorry no pictures or video yet today
See what I can come up with during the day

"The problem dear is not moving mountains
But diggin the groud that you're on,
If it's true good fortune gives no change,
We got just what it takes"
Jacob Dylan


B.E.Trumble said...

Damn. Well here in MN the last couple nights we were walking distance from several taverns that served excellent gin and tonics at a very reasonable price. No biking necessary. I believe that yesterday the show mechanic may have had a bit of a headache.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Tell Scot to quit ordering Shirley Temples and the head aches will go away,,,LOL. Bombay Sapphire and tonic is the perfect summer time drink.

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