Thursday, July 30, 2009


Had two huge crowds in Willowick, OH
Great crowd reactions too
Had a sideshow gaff builder and painter
Kevin Gerrone visit
Friend of my buddy Zych's
Talked a little about grind shows on circus midways
(Some of you remember Cainan's Curiosities)
So I like that subject matter
Expectation of rain called for pulling off the nice park grass
After the show
But not before we fired up A.O.'s bar and grill
Lots of pork chops and Miller Light was had by all
Then a pretty good jump over to Massillon, OH this morning
Asphalt lot at the K of C grounds
Inside the building here they have the Wilson Bros Three Ring Circus
A model, and a nice one at that
I will try to get some pics of it
Till then here is a clip of an attempt at
A hind leg jump over a standing cat
It was kinda close
Need to keep working at it
I can't get every trick easy I guess

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C said...

Hilarious...good luck!

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