Friday, July 31, 2009

Soggy More Hills...

Or Sagamore Hills, OH that is
Easy forty mile jump
Huge crowds again yesterday
Gotta say Ohio has been good to us this year
Overall the whole year has been
Except all this damn rain
I mean seriously
Everyday rain rain rain,,
OK done pissin and moanin about that
Had Herky the clown at the show
He was a clown on KM in 88'
Now he does what clowns do when they aren't here

My buddy Jack Ryan wrote me a great announcement
For the act
The one I had used for the last couple years sounded
A little to Man V. Beastish
"Fearlessly Facing"
Sounds like going in to do battle
Jack is great with words
As you can hear by the new intro and outro

New Intro

New Outro

Thanks Jack
It is perfect!

1 comment:

Jack Ryan said...

Delighted it's working well, Casey. Glad I could be of help.

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