Sunday, June 07, 2009

Steins #5 Makes Steve's Mouth All YUMMY!!!

In celebration of having 21 consecutive Bar B Qs at A. O.'s
We chose to order pizza in Carney's Point
Steve made an attempt to raise morale by doing this

My favorite part is Georgia chanting "GO STEVE GO BEING GROSS"
For some reason it didn't gross me out when he did it
But the next morning on the drive I nearly hurled when I recalled it
It is "just" grease paint, made from grease...

Last night in Bayville we had a great BarBQ with Lance Ramos and Jennifer Walker
After watching Steve and Ryan pop each other in the hands
With bandannas for entertainment, I decided to play
All I can say is
Then I convinced someone to put 5 bucks up against me
Putting my hand on the grill for 15 seconds
Was a great night rite up until
I chopped off the end of my finger
In a guillotine cage door
It hurts something fierce today
I may take a pic and post it later


Mindy said...

Thats gross.
BUT- I'm surprised how easy clown makeup comes off. Must be better stuff than the cheap crap we buy at Halloween.

Dick Flint said...

Right on, Georgia!
Dick Flint

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