Friday, June 05, 2009

Four Hind Legs...

Because of concentrating on the courbette tiger so much
I hadn't been working on the four tigers walking lately
I decided to work on it a little yesterday and today
This is todays workout
And about how it worked in the show tonight

No Bar B Q tonight
Pizza instead
It is pretty damn chilly for June even this far north
Last year when we got to Jersey it was over 100 for the first 4 days
We will be lucky if it is over 50 tonight
Still raining very often
All day today as a matter of fact

The Cat Deloach series will continue next week
Same Cat time
Same Cat channel


Bob Cline said...

Congratulations Casey. Well done.
Bob Cline

Mindy said...

I just went out to dinner with the family and as we were driving south on Route 9, imagine my surprise when I see the Kelly Miller Circus set up!!!!

W T F??????

Thanks for the notice!!! It would have been nice to see you guys. We are going to try our hardest and make tomorrows 5pm show. We have a family commitment that I have to try and get us out of first.

I will bring my daughter down tomorrow morning to peek at the animals and buy some advance sale tickets though. Maybe we will see you guys tomorrow!

Mireille. said...

Very very good .
you did it
3 Big BRAVO. BRAVO. BRAVO....!!!!!!
sincerely, Mireille...

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Sorry...I should have put up we were here. I remember the same thing happened last year, when I posted about our two day stand here after we had left. Not knowing you lived so close. This time I have no excuse except forgetfulness. Hope you make it out to the show today

Mindy said...

I was at the lot in the morning and bought tickets, but later on I couldn't get my daughter out of the pool. I see on the Kelly Miller website you guys are headed to the southern part of the state, so maybe I can catch another show.

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