Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finger Update...

For the fans of yucky stuff
And the folks who have asked about how it is healing
Here is the smashed finger as of today

I had to do minor surgery on it yesterday
It was feeling really good and had quit hurting
But that was somehow related to the nail swelling up with
Infection under it
I cut away all the loose nail with cuticle nippers
Then blasted a good coat of Lysol on it
Today the infection is gone just some pain
From the raw skin underneath


Rose said...

It actually looks pretty good.

For hamburger.

Seriously, though, although the "home surgery" thought is a scary thing to me, and the injury bad; it looks as if it's healing and will be fine soon.

Which is what I hope for you.

Gilligan T. Monkey said...

More info then we needed.

Pat Cashin said...

Grab a handful of Mexican antibiotics.

Or just use some from a vet ; )

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