Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winter May Be Over Now...

Not getting my hopes up yet
But the weather has been pretty good lately
And nice grassy lots
With out a side order of mud
Life on the circus is all worth it on these kinda days
Seeing the show kids running around the back yard playing
Walking around in shorts and flip flops
Bar B Qs that don't involve a sweater or a rain jacket
Have had really good crowds lately as well
Today in Connersville IN
A little sprinkling in the morning but now the sun is out

Had to replace the grill this week
Got a small charcoal Thermos as a temp fix
Still looking for the specific grill needed for
America's Own Bar and Grill summer season
So far the temp has been fine
I should have the camera out for the Bar B Qing

"With all these debts, and doubts, and worries, Hangin over my head,
When I was a child, I spoke as a child,God I wish I could remember what I said"
T. Snider

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