Monday, May 11, 2009

Ah Yes...What A Mothers Day It Was...

Had a blast on the day off yesterday
Loaded up the kids and the clowns and went to the mall
I took the camera with the hopes of taking some funny pictures
Of clowns in the wild
But forgot about it 20 mins into the shopping spree
Did get one of Steve with his favorite book about Freemasonry

Like clowns can read...
As if...

We had lunch at the Chinese joint in the mall
So so at best
Then we loaded up and went to Target to get a new grill
(We wear them out around here folks)

Missed a great photo op as we were leaving Target
Danny and Tavana had been at the mall while we were
Then also went to Target
Where Danny was passed out asleep behind the wheel of a show truck
In the parking lot

I could have done the same
A mall can put you rite to sleep after an all day shopothon

So I didn't get many funny pictures on the trip
I did get grade A-1 cute pics of Genevieve napping

Baby G has adapted well to the schedule around here
And generally sleeps through the whole night
One feeding around 4:00 AM every morning
She has been AWESOME!

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Robbie Hulio said...

I am glad she looks like her momma Just playin PLAYA Congratulations

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