Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ok...So I Lied...

No pictures today of the rigs
I couldn't find the memory card when I went out to take the pictures today
So I shot a couple videos instead

First is the new leap frog I am working on
It will be like this only faster when it is finished

Then this one of the courbette
With different music
We added three new pieces of music to the act
So as to accent the sets of tricks
I think it worked well today
I will try to get a video up of the whole thing soon

"Don't ever let them make you feel
like sayin what you think is unbecomin,
Cause if you was sposed to watch your mouth
all the time I doubt your eyes would be above it"
Drive By Truckers


Crystal said...

Great clips. The leap frog looks like it could be EXTREMELY fun!

Dick Flint said...

Really neat and clever for the leap frog! And with those hops you'll need to add more sections yet again to the cage!
Anxious to see it all when you get to this area. I'll see if there's some "Circus Boy" beer around.
Dick Flint

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