Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Continuation Of Trucking...

This is Shonti the leash cats cage
It is barred instead of mesh for ease of putting on the leash
It also stays in the truck so she can be leashed and removed from cage
Without be outside
Sort of a safety measure

This is a shot of the fifth wheel area of the trailer
I haul the props and tools up here
As well as the freezer which holds just over 1000lbs of meat

The last two photos are of the deck of the trailer
The trailer is 8ft wide
The rolling cages are 5 1/2ft wide
This leaves a 2 1/2 ft walk way between cages and the wall
At night we slide the arena into this space on its side

I will take some pictures tonight on in the morning
If the truck loaded up

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