Saturday, April 11, 2009

What It's All About...

The "Ladies" in my life
Spent the day coloring eggs
And discussing the finer episodes of Sponge Bob

I got a bunch done here
Went out to buy a welder
Hobart Stickmate buzz box
Great machine
Was quite a chore to get it today
And I may start boycotting TSC here in Paris
How can a machine be $349 at TSC
And only $279 at Atwoods?
Ever the educated buyer, I knew the price at Atwoods before I left the house
However I did not know the price for TSC
I loaded one up on a hand truck
Hauled it to the front
Lady rang it up
I saw the price and said "No thanks, it's 50 bucks cheaper down the street"
Then I hauled it back to the back and unloaded it
Let me say, I try to support TSC they were nearly pushed out of business
When Atwoods built a store in town
And I hate a monopoly
But $60 is $60

So I got the welder
Brought it home and wired up 50' leads on it
Cause I hate rolling it around
Welded up some arena sections
Then painted the arena
With a Wagner sprayer
I would like to meet Wagner...

And beat him with his sprayer
Much faster then brushing or rolling
Also alot messier

After that it was time to mow
Which I have had very few occasions to do in the 7 years we have had the house
Because Bermuda doesn't grow here in the winter
This winter we will have Rye grass as well
Only in the front 2 acres
But it will be nice to have a green yard this winter
The back 5 acres is grown up like a jungle
It has been awhile since we have had anything eating down the pasture
And it shows
I need a horse.....or some goats....
I know a guy with a duck

Tomorrow I am tackling the suspension of the trailer
One broken spring and a broken hanger on the other side
Welding under a trailer

One of those forgotten pleasures of show business
At least it won't be muddy
Or rocky
I hope

"The Eagle never wasted quite as much time,
As when he tried to learn to fly from the crows,
Could have spent his time, up on a mountain high,
But he wasted it in circles down below"
M. McClure


Susabelle said...

Goats won't eat grass, so get a pony. The girls would love it!

Steve said...

So will the cats!

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