Friday, April 10, 2009

Blow My What?!?!

I actually play guitar
Never had an interest in horns
I do get down to some Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby though...

Natalie's doctor appointment was good yesterday
She was 2 cm dilated
Having some contractions
All seems well at this point
Any day now....And we are ready

Our friend Crystal had some things to do at the barn in Hugo
And stopped by for a visit and some Bar-B-Q
Had a great time
And some great ribs if I may blow my own Bar-B-Qing horn

It is very cool to see the property in the spring
We usually only see it when the grass is brown
And the leaves are off the trees
Got a few projects going that I need to finish up
Like stringing two new sections of arena
And painting up Shonti's new cage

Shonti fell rite back into the walks around the lake
Even remembered which trees are the best to rip the bark off of

"I was talkin with my girlfriend told her I was stressed,
I said I'm going off the deep end, she said god for once give it a rest,
We're all waitin in the dugout thinkin we should pitch,
How you gonna throw a shut out when all you ever do is bitch"
T. Snider

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Crystal eng said...

I second the statement about ribs...and cheesy brats too. Thanks for having me out! I always enjoy the family!

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