Monday, March 09, 2009


Missed a couple days blogging
Sue me
No Sue E is my dog
She is wonderful
Kinda tough to find the time to jot anything down on the weekends
With early shows and such
We had a great first show crowd in Navasota yesterday
Then the second show was pretty light
This is pretty common on Sunday actually

Good news over the weekend
Natalia Loyal finished my new pants for my new costumes
They fit much more giving then the original pair
And they are spandex
So they forgive if I have a couple bacon cheeseburgers with a couple beers

In Shephard today
Pretty close to Cut & Shoot TX
Prolly get to see my old buddy Swain
If he is not too busy being a towner now...HAHA
Actually drove rite past his driveway this morning on the jump
5 mins after he had pulled out with a load of something

"Grandpa sits by the back door
He can't see anymore
Lost his sight in 64
Lead him like a horse to water"
F. Eaglesmith

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