Friday, March 06, 2009

I Got Your Normal Rite Here...

Here is a little news snip from Port Lavaca yesterday

Here in Needville today
I suppose all the other cool villes were taken by the time they named this place
I think it is the only Needville in the US
No others came up on the GPS this morning

Kinda broken asphalt lot
Great for rolling the cages on
Expensive in that the dogs and Shonti need a bag of shavings each
We spare no expense though
Crowds were a little more promising last night
Business should be pretty good today
Had tons of action here for the tent raising
And some media
Took Shonti out for a walk so the reporter could get a picture
Check out the Rosenburg? paper tomorrow

"I been lookin out my window and it keeps coming up crows,
Yeah they keep hangin round my back door, thinkin they know somethin I dont know,
Yeah it keeps comin up crows"
M. McClure


Tejano said...

Ok, so Casey McCoy Cainan the singer, Casey McCoy Cainan the circus performer. Is music what you do off season?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...


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