Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scenes From A Circus Restauraunt...

Showed Hugo today
Been out for seven weeks just to get back to where we started
2,400 miles and about 100 shows later
Here we are
Freezin cold today
Still wet

Went out after the show to eat at Angie's Circus Diner
With Natalie's friend Donna, Miss Vicky, and Lucky Eddie
Took a few pictures of the place while we were there

Even got a picture of the new tiger poster

Kinda blurry cause I shot it through the glass

Pretty good size crowds, but not the most excited
I think the cold had alot to do with it
Great quote of the day was Steve coming into the back door saying
"I'm sorry, I was under the assumption the town of Hugo LIKED circuses"

"Bottle of red,
Bottle of white,
It all depends upon your appetite
I'll meet you anytime you want
At our Italian restaurant"
B. Joel

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