Friday, March 27, 2009

The Chambers Of Commerce...

Texas that is
Rainy, muddy, low down, good for nothin, not goin to the circus kinda town
Pretty crummy day all the way around today
Got stuck getting on the lot
Will need pulled off for sure
However it's about 25 degrees colder tonight
They are talkin 32 or so
With some sleet and maybe some snow


Can't wait for that
As much as I love the circus
And I truly do love it
The fun in working like a dog
It freezing cold mud
And 30 mile an hour gusts
Has long since worn off

I actually got myself all in a huff tonight
While trying to tear down the tiger and dog tents
While the wind flipped them around
By telling myself...
"I practice for two hours a day doing tricks no one in the world does,

Now that sounds "full of myself" I am sure
And to some extent I am
But it was not thought in that manner
More of a "Why do I bother" I could do the bare minimum roll a cat over, jump one through a fire hoop, sit them on a pyramid and leave
All of which I could teach a cat in less then 2 months and never practice again
Working hard has not changed the fact this is a MUD SHOW
And it gets MUDDY

I guess I "do bother" because I am full of myself
And you have to put up or shut up when it comes down to it

Now that I have ranted about a bunch of nothing
I must go warm up the truck for the "Mecca" back to Hugo tonight

"Down in the belly of the beast,
Washed out on a rip tide,
I burned out to say the least,
Yeah I been down on the dark side"
M. McClure


B.E.Trumble said...

Dude I'll trade you your fine f$%^ed up weather for the tree foot snow drifts still burying us here in the Panhandle. Wind chill in the town were stuck in is 10 degrees. Wind chill in today's town, were we to figure out how to get there is 2 degrees. Starting to remember why tent shows used to wait for the 1st of May to go out.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

It is snowing here in Hugo as I type this my friend...

None on the ground, but it is falling just the same.

Try to stay warm Ben

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