Wednesday, March 04, 2009

North Bound and Down...

Haven't blogged in a couple
Not much to say
Business has been slow
Lots have been awful
Ahh yes.....the joys of a mudshow

Folks on the show were treated to quite a show today
The Peace Out Girlz (Georgia and two of her friends)
performed a little dance concert for us in the tent
Was very cool in that they practiced everyday and even advertised it themselves
Little posters with pouches of tickets

No tickets to be had when I got there
However I am in with the group so they let me slide

Great humor had when discussing the upcoming concert with Nat and the clowns
I mentioned the tickets were gone
Steve produces one from his costume pocket and says
"got mine rite here"
That cracked me up

Its been very windy here on the gulf coast
Pretty sick of it
Hope it is all better around Houston next week

"When they thaw out, uncle Disney, gonna be some changes made
pointing fingers, askin questions, 40 years of decisions made"
Patterson Hood

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Margaret said...

No video of the concert.??.No pictures.??.

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