Thursday, March 05, 2009

Uncle Disney...

Have been digging on this Patterson Hood record I got yesterday on Itunes
For those who don't know he is the front man of the Drive By Truckers
He put out a bunch of songs called Killers and Stars awhile back
It is cool
He recorded them all on a four track in his kitchen
Very raw
The way I likem'
Any how
It is still windy as hell
We even left the tiger stable tent down today
I can't relax while it is up, and the high today is supposed to be 71
I need a nap

Bought a couple of new RV batteries today
104 and some odd cents apiece
I had a request for a belly shot of the pregnant mom to be
Hold on Wickenburg I gotta dig out the wide angle lens today
Promise I will get some pics up Ava...
Natalie has been doing fine for all concerened
She will be here till we hit Huggo on the 28th of March
Then she will stay home till the birth
I plan to come home for that which should be around the 14th of April

"Smells like somethings burnin, it smelt that way before
Somethings always flamin in this neighborhood I'm sure
Everything changes, so fast you never know
Only ashes remain of everything I own"
Patterson Hood


Tejano said...

Have you checked out The Derailers from Austin? You may like their music too.

Tejano said...

Looking for more Texas music? All types, enjoy!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Gots any Casey Cainan in the playlist?,,,,HAHA

Tejano said...

Actually...I just checked and you are already there!!! Your webpage is one the ones I have on a rotation!


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Cool amigo!

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